Convert Bank Statement

Making Cloud Integration Easy

A common problem for companies looking to convert to cloud-accounting platforms is converting their bank statement from PDF to a cloud-compatible CSV. The perception is that this conversion requires timely and inefficient data entry. At Cloudonme, we understand this problem and will do this service for our partners. It is our goal is to make the integration process to cloud accounting platforms as easy as we can for clients.

What You Provide

  • A cloud-compatible, bank statement in CSV form within three business days
  • A kickstart to your cloud accounting integration
  • Scanned bank statement in PDF form from our accepted banks (link highlighted text to accepted banks page)
  • An email address where we can send the bank statement in CSV form back to you
  • Any additional information relating to your bank statement you think we should know

Other Important Rules and Notes

Bank statements from multiple accounts cannot be merged together in a single upload file. The uploaded file must be a scanned document, it cannot be a picture It is recommended that the uploaded file should not be out of data from multiple sources, for example a mix of scanned postal copies and online downloads. It is recommended that the statement should not have a great amount of handwriting in the numerical columns. Small ticks and notes are normally accepted, but no handwriting is encouraged.

Upload Your
Bank Statement


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$ 30 / Token
  • Each token gives partners’ access to a Cloudonme accountant profile. Tokens are the first step to finding a connection with your next accountant! Partners are required to buy at least 5 tokens to start.