How SME can benefit from freelance accountants

Freelance accountants provide high-quality, readily available bookkeeping on a part-time basis. This ensures that the SME will accurately record their financial statements in real time. As the size of a business gets smaller, the role of the bookkeeper grows. A well-trained freelance accountant can add value in an affordable, efficient manner for the firm. Once the job is done, the freelancer moves on and the SME doesn’t have to worry about their financial statements.

How SME can benefit from cloud technology

Cloud accounting technologies take the freelancers value to another level. These technologies allow the accountant to work from anywhere on any device. In a city with such limited office space, this game be a true game changer. With an easy integration process, SMEs can maximize their companies accounting activities with a highly trained cloud bookkeeper.


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$ 30 / Token
  • Each token gives partners’ access to a Cloudonme accountant profile. Tokens are the first step to finding a connection with your next accountant! Partners are required to buy at least 5 tokens to start.